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Webinar: An Introduction to Linkedin
An introduction to LinkedIn and how to use it to its full potential.
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Webinar: Jobseekers - Harness the Power of LinkedIn!
Are you utilising LinkedIn to it's full potential to help you to find your dream job?
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Webinar: The Positive Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health
Our webinar discusses the impact Covid-19 has had on mental health.
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Lead & Manage Your Team to Higher Performance Either On or Offline
How would you rate your leadership & management skills, now that you & your team are not always working in the same place?
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Webinar: Understanding, Identifying and Managing How Unconscious Bias Affects Your Key People Processes
Do you understand unconscious bias and how to stop it damaging some of your key people processes?
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Video: How Can I Make My CV Stand Out?
Sarah's top tips on how to make your CV stand out from the crowd.
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Webinar: Health & Safety Requirements to Support Remote Working
Health and safety is key to the successful running of all businesses. However, with the current pandemic are you taking real care of your employees whilst they are working remotely?
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Webinar: How to Motivate and Lead Teams Remotely – and with Confidence
Let’s face it, we are in challenging times where ways of working have changed overnight, and look set to continue to do so.
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Webinar: Monumental Change Is Here - How Can HR Support Now and in the Future?
Monumental Change Is Here - How Can HR Support Now and in the Future?
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