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Get Hired Week 6: Having a Good First Day at Work
Congratulations you have a new role, the hard part is over! But how do you make sure that you have a good first day?
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Get Hired Week 2: How to Stand Out in Your Job Search
Your CV is the most important asset in your job search; therefore, you must get it right to be successful.
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Get Hired Week 7: Interview Rejection and Your Mental Health
Mental health is truly important in your search for work so ensure you are putting enough energy into looking after yourself as well as your job search.
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Get Hired Week 5: Your Job Offer
Have you been offered a job? Are looking to accept or decline the offer? We have put together some information to help you make the best decisions in regards to your new job opportunity.
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Get Hired Week 4: Questions - What Should you Expect from Your Interview?
Successful interviews do not just happen. A first-class candidate prepares to succeed, with a few planned actions which leave nothing to chance.
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Get Hired Week 3: Prepare to Succeed in Your Interview
Are you ready to succeed in your next interview? This week we have compiled all of our best interview tips to help you with secure your next role.
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Welcome to Get Hired
Welcome to the Get Hired email series from the team here at Lawrence Dean Recruitment. We have created a unique guide with a variety of resources to provide information to give you the best chance at securing your ideal job.
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