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Get Hired Week 5: Your Job Offer

Get Hired Week 5: Your Job Offer

22nd January 2021

Have you been offered a job? Are looking to accept or decline the offer? We have put together some information to help you make the best decisions in regards to your new job opportunity.


What should you consider when you are offered multiple jobs, or when you have received an offer?

Is it time to say goodbye to your current employer, but not sure the best way to go about it? Avoid making your remaining time at the company uncomfortable with our resignation letter guide: 

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is now a large volume of job seekers applying for fewer vacancies and as a result, this may cause a delay in us getting back to you. To keep up to date with our latest jobs, you can find them listed here.

Sarah LeeteSarah Leete
Sarah Leete

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