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What to Expect from an Interview in 2021
Whether it is your first job, or you have interviewed 10 times before, it can sometimes be hard to know what to expect at an interview. Take a look at what you should be expecting in your interview in 2021:
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8 Tips for Surviving a Video Interview
If you are applying for a job overseas, or you or the recruiter have a clashing schedule, then you may get asked to take part in a video interview...
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What are the Best and Worst Questions to Ask at Interview and Why?
Are you looking for a new job but have no idea what to ask your interviewer? Well, you’re in luck! We recently did a survey with some of Hertfordshire’s top employers to find out from our clients what the best and worst questions they have ever been
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What can you Learn from Hertfordshire’s Employers Best and Worst Interview Experiences?
We surveyed some of Hertfordshire’s companies recently to find out all about their experiences with interviews. We found some common themes amongst them and have gathered a few examples of their responses.
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Are you Making any of these Interview Mistakes?
We surveyed some of Hertfordshire’s local employers recently to find out what can turn them off a potential employee. Here are some of the things they responded with. Do any of these sound familiar?
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Having Multiple CVs Can Benefit Your Job Search
Do you keep falling at the first hurdle of your job search? You have read the description and you are qualified for the role, you apply, and you don’t hear back. Have you ever wondered why that may be?
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How to Prepare for an Interview
No matter what type of interview you are preparing for you should prepare in a similar way, it is essential to plan your interview wear, what you are bringing and the questions to ask.
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What is a Group Interview?
As the name suggests a group interview is an interview where there is more than one person being interviewed at once.
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Panel Interviews: What to Expect
A panel interview is similar to a typical one-on-one interview but there two or more interviewers in the room. Panel interviews can be intimidating, but by planning carefully and understanding the process should make you feel at ease.
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How to: make the most of your interview
Have you been to interview after interview being rejected and not really coming away with anything from the experience?
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