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Your Job Search: Keeping Your Mental Health in Mind
It’s no secret that looking for work is tough at the moment. Many job seekers are spending hours applying for jobs and being rejected.
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Webinar: The Positive Impact of Covid-19 on Mental Health
Our webinar discusses the impact Covid-19 has had on mental health.
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Taking your Wellbeing Seriously Working from Home
To avoid burn out it so important at this time we really focus on both our physical and mental wellbeing. We have compiled some key things which you should consider doing to look after your wellbeing at present.
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Balancing Children and Work in Lockdown
With what is going on in the world at the moment, a lot of parents have found themselves juggling working from home and childcare.
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Realistic Ways to be Mindful at Work
Mindful working means being focused and aware in the workplace. Mindfulness can help to reduce stress and conflict in the workplace whilst increasing resilience and emotional intelligence.
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Improve Your Productivity at Work
Do you find that you aren’t getting as much done at work as you intend to do? Your to do list may seem like it is never ending, but with some of these tips you may find yourself on the road to better productivity.
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Work/ Life Balance in Your First Graduate Job
When you finish your studies, it is a complete change to go from as little as 12 hours of university a week to 40+ hours of full time work a week.
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Wellbeing at Work: Kickstart 2018
Party season is officially over, it's time to trade in turkey and wine and get back to normality in the office. Start your 2018 the right way and try...
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The Real Reason Your Mornings at Work Aren't Productive
Mornings can be the most productive time of the day if you utilise them. Your brain has just woken from a rest and is at its peak, enabling you to get...
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