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Your Job Search: Keeping Your Mental Health in Mind

16th October 2020

It’s no secret that looking for work is tough at the moment. Many job seekers are spending hours applying for jobs and being rejected. With a significant decline in job vacancies, it is arguably much harder to secure a job than before the pandemic. Rejection in any sense can be hard on your mental health, especially when you are perfectly capable of all the jobs you are applying for. 

Take Control of Your Job Search

Give yourself a better chance of success and take control of your job search. Within the current climate having a great CV just won’t cut it. If your CV doesn’t completely match the job requirements you risk losing out. Due to the number of applications to job vacancies, recruitment teams have far less time on their hands to call through each candidate to find out if they are suitable or not. Next time you are applying for a role think quality, not quantity. Apply for fewer jobs but apply well, with a tailored CV and a well thought out cover letter.

We always recommend multiple CVs if you want the best chance in your job search. To keep on top of the different CVs you have sent, you need to stay organised. The simple task of keeping track of what CVs you have sent where will help your job search feel a lot more manageable.

Ask for Help

Ask friends and family to look through your CV to check you have included all of the important information you need and help if you have missed anything out. If you need further help, may recruitment agencies will offer this service as part of their recruitment package.

Take Breaks

It can take a toll on your mental health to continually looking for jobs on your phone or laptop. Let’s face it, it can feel like a full-time job, so treat it like one. Make sure that you are taking time out to speak to your friends and family. As well as looking after your physical health, taking regular exercise at least once a day.

Extra Support

If you require extra support, there are many organisations who are available 24/7 to give you support:

Leandra HillenaarLeandra Hillenaar
Leandra Hillenaar

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