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Whether you are a candidate looking for a new role or you’re looking for ideas for recruiting for your team or business, our blog provides information on all the latest local recruitment topics!

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Webinar: Understanding, Identifying and Managing How Unconscious Bias Affects Your Key People Processes
Do you understand unconscious bias and how to stop it damaging some of your key people processes?
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Employee Engagement During Furlough
Employee engagement was a top topic in 2019 and it's not surprising as it's proven that companies with high levels of employee engagement are 21% more profitable.
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What Drives a Successful Team?
Whether you are struggling with team morale or are interested in what makes a team successful, this blog goes through different factors that drive your team to ensure you have the most productive and high performing team possible.
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Q&A with the Mayor of Stevenage
As a recruitment agency based in Stevenage we understand that it is important to get involved with the community and what it has to offer, especially in terms of employment.
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5 Reasons to Use a Recruitment Agency to Find Your Next Hire
Are you on the fence about using a recruitment agency to find your next candidate? It could be that you haven’t used an agency before, or you’re just finding it particularly difficult to find the right candidate.
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Measuring Employee Engagement
Mistakes commonly made when measuring employee engagement are; the frequency of measuring, not enough follow up and the accuracy of the data collected being of poor quality.
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Models of Employee Engagement
Keeping your employees engaged should be something that you as an employer are really keen to influence.
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Why isn’t employee engagement a key factor in a business?
Having engaged employees can save you and your business time and money. Keeping your employees engaged is a great investment and should be paramount to your business.
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GDPR: What you need to know
Things are getting underway with one of the hottest topics of 2018.  This new piece of legislation is designed to protect the rights of millions...
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Employment Statistics in Hertfordshire: What you need to know.
Employment statistics can be an amazing tool for your business, they are great to keep in consideration when you are looking to hire new employees....
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