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Welcome to Get Hired

Welcome to Get Hired

1st January 2021

Welcome to the Get Hired email series from the team here at Lawrence Dean Recruitment. We have created a unique guide with a variety of resources to provide information to give you the best chance at securing your ideal job.

What is a temporary to a permanent contract? 

To explain it simply, a temporary to permanent contract is a temporary contract with a view of changing to permanent after a set period. This enables both the employer and the employee to understand if they are compatible before entering a long-term commitment. Read more in our blog here: 

Could Temporary Work Suit you? 

Like many people, you may have reservations about temporary work. It’s not for every job seeker, but there are so many benefits to it! Before you decide if temporary work could benefit you or not, read our blog: 

Apply for a Job

Seen something you’re interested in? Let us know! Our website is always kept up to date with all of our open jobs take a look at our open positions here: 

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, there is now a large volume of job seekers applying for fewer vacancies and as a result, this may cause a delay in us getting back to you. To keep up to date with our latest jobs, you can find them listed here.

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Sarah Leete

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