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What is a Temporary to Permanent Contract?

What is a Temporary to Permanent Contract?

7th February 2017
Have you been offered, or have you seen advertised a ‘temporary to permanent contract’?

What does this entail, and how will you benefit?

To explain it simply, a temporary to permanent contract is essentially a temporary contract with a view of changing to permanent after a certain amount of time. This enables both the employer and the employee to see if they are a match before entering a long-term commitment.

So what are the benefits as an employee?

As a job hunter, there are many advantages that a temporary to permanent contract brings over a temporary contract. As a start, be able to see and apply for all permanent roles that come up aside from the role you are applying for.

Testing the water

If you are looking for a long-term role and have noticed a temporary to permanent contract appear, then you may be a little sceptical about the longevity of a temporary placement. In this case, take the viewpoint that a temporary period to start with allows you to dip your toe into the company, what it will be like working there long term and what future progressions you have for your career. If the employer recognises your success in the role and you can see your career benefiting from the placement, then there is no reason that you cannot be at the company for the mid-to-long term.

Get a taste of the industry

Another benefit of taking a temporary to permanent contract is the chance to get a feel for the industry. Are you interested in a particular industry? Or even the job role itself? Both of these questions lead to skills that you can list on your CV as experience within the industry or duties of the job role. If your future career goal is related to the industry, then a temporary to permanent contract will be the perfect opportunity to gain vital experience.

Increasing the Chance of Permanent Extension

Due to the nature of a temporary period, there is still the chance that the contract may not be made permanent. With this in mind, it is important that you go above and beyond in order to stand out in the contract. Impressing will go a long way! Some simple ways to impress your employer in a temporary to permanent contract include:

 Ensuring your timekeeping and attendance is perfect.

 Dressing smarter at all times

 Having a friendly approach and a can-do attitude

 Offering to go above-and-beyond to help colleagues and managers.

What are the downsides of a temporary to permanent contract?

If you are currently in a permanent role, we’d never suggest that you switch to a temporary to permanent contract, due to the potential instability. However, if you are out of work, then entering a temporary to permanent contract is very similar to being on probation. So in that case, it’s a win-win situation

Although temporary to permanent contracts do not come off that often when they do they are worth applying for if you are not in permanent work. With the option to get a feel for the role and the industry prior to committing long-term, you can avoid any quick regrets!

Sarah LeeteSarah Leete
Sarah Leete

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