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Key drivers of motivation: what can you do to take control of your own motivation

6th June 2019

To be a motivated employee and stay that way you should consider your approach to work and the control you have over your motivation. Understanding your goals, how to develop and your purpose within the workplace can help you to understand how to stay motivated and how to motivate others around you.

Be clear on your goals and purpose

Having clear goals is an important part of daily work life, not only when it comes to motivation but also for productivity and purpose. Whilst you are at work you should understand exactly what is expected of you. If you are unclear, have a conversation with your employer to get more clarity. Both you and your employer need to understand where you both stand for you to be working alongside business goals and to ensure that you are productive within your role. Whether you are entry-level or director level you should always have your personal work goals aligned with business goals.

Your development

Taking control of your development will drive your motivation. Find out how to progress in your role as being allowed to do so can impact how you approach work. Having a clear pathway to your success can help your navigation through your role immensely. If you are unclear of how you can develop in your role and also progress, speak to your Manager and make sure they understand your aims but also that you understand theirs within your role.


Knowing your purpose in the business is an important factor in keeping you motivated. You should be clear of what you are there to achieve each day and what the business purpose is as a whole. Your job should be a place where you can grow to achieve and be the best you can be. When you see your work contributing to business goals and adding value to the business, it can motivate you to work harder and be more productive whilst helping you understand your purpose in your role.

Team Culture

Good team culture is imperative when it comes to motivation in the workplace. If you are surrounded by unmotivated people, this impacts your motivation. For you to stay motivated you must have a team with the same motivation as you, but also with a good work ethic and a strive for determination to succeed engrained into the working culture.

Leandra HillenaarLeandra Hillenaar
Leandra Hillenaar

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