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Motivate Others at Work

23rd May 2019

Motivation can drive productivity in the workplace and can help your overall satisfaction with work. Working in an office where motivation is low can be demotivating and result in a decrease in your productivity and have a negative impact on your attitude to your workplace. There are ways you can motivate your colleagues and help contribute to a more positive place to work which will help your team to work better together. This blog explains how you can contribute to a more positive and motivated workplace culture.


Start by getting to know your team and the way they work and interact with you and with each other. Mutual respect is something that may need to be worked on over time. But by treating others with respect, you will find that they will have more respect for you in return.

Setting an example of how you would like to be treated at work will mean others will follow suit and know what is expected of them. Simple things like showing appreciation for what a colleague does and for small tasks they complete can make a huge impact on how motivated they feel.


Communication can make all the difference when it comes to motivation and team success. In many cases, good communication can increase productivity and change the way we work. Communicating means that we are sharing ideas and opinions as well as complaints. Sharing your voice and listening to colleagues can make the difference between an underperforming team and a motivated one.

Sharing Goals, Responsibilities and Success

In a motivated team, you should be sharing both big and small successes. So, having shared goals can be beneficial to your overall team motivation. Having a sense of shared responsibility to achieve these goals can make an impact when you finally achieve them. Sharing success does not just have to be shared goals but also an appreciation for goals which individuals have achieved on their own. Shared recognition can make your team feel great and motivate them to succeed. Even celebrating those small wins can keep the whole team motivated.

Leandra HillenaarLeandra Hillenaar
Leandra Hillenaar

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